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Summer Clip- This clip is beneficial for dogs that are either indoor or outdoors during the summertime, those that overheat quite easily, dogs that are in water a lot or those that matt easily. The summer clip leaves your dog with a nice short smooth layer of hair leaving them comfortable over the hot Australian summer.

Winter clip/Teddy bear clip- This clip is great for dogs that are long haired and still need regular grooming over the cooler months of the year. The Benefits of winter clips are that it prevents matting, keeps a longer length of hair to keep your dog warm and comfortable over the winter months and keeps your dogs hair in optimum condition. Dogs that are severely matted cannot have a winter clip as the longer combs cant get through the knots.

Face, feet and Hygiene areas- This service is for dogs that don't need a full body clip, all they need is a tidy of the face, around their feet and around their genitals and anus. This keeps your dog looking and smelling beautiful between full grooms.

Nail Trimming- Its important to constantly maintain your dogs nails, if they are periodically left to over grow the quick (soft tissue area) will also grow. Having long nails also changes the way a dog carries himself, it can add pressure on the joints and can cause joint pain and arthritis.

De-Shedding/Undercoat Strip- Over winter double coated breeds build up their winter coat to keep themselves warm, however when the warmer months start to arrive the dog will start shedding this undercoat by the handfuls. It takes awhile and a lot of elbow grease to remove the excess hair, but once done your house won't be full of hair and your dog will feel cooler over the warmer months.

Fleas- I don't groom dogs with live fleas on them to prevent the transmission to other dogs. I also don't believe in flea rinses as they are not a preventative, so as soon as your dog has been groomed and put back into your house or back yard they are re-infested and why put another chemical on your dog? The best monthly preventative that you can talk to your vet about is Comfortis which comes in tablet form, so it doesn't leave a big greasy patch on your dogs neck. That way once the fleas are dead, I can come and wash the dead fleas and feces off.

Ear Cleaning- If needed I can clean your dogs ears with either ear cleaner you provide or I can use my own dog ear wipes. The benefits of cleaning excess wax and dirt from your dogs ears is that it prevent infections, it also gives me a chance to let the owner know if there are any health issues with the dogs ears.